Monday, July 31, 2006

HostGIS Linux

Good morning! I need a weekend from my weekend. We were in Dallas this weekend visiting the girlfriends sister. We stayed up a bit too late both Friday and Saturday night. We also had basically every Asian food possible. Dim-Sum (Chinese if you didn't know), Phillipino, Korean and Japanese. Yummm! This afternoon at work we will proceed with our GIS Day plans and have a meeting to discuss were we are. Have a good day!

"HostGIS Linux is a Linux/GNU distribution specifically made for handling GIS information. HostGIS Linux saves hours or days of installing MapServer and its components, and will have you serving GIS maps in minutes. It includes: All the usual amenities of a Linux distribution (compilers, Perl, etc.); Apache webserver, with PHP; MapServer, and MapScript for PHP, Perl, and Python; PDFlib, with support built in to PHP, Perl, Python, and MapServer; PostGIS-enabled Postgres database server; MapServer Web Client (MWC) to display great interactive maps without designing any HTML or JavaScript; Example maps already installed: shapefiles, ECW raster, PostGIS, MyGIS, WMS server and client, and Flash output; Webmin, phpMyAdmin, and phpPgAdmin for easy system administration." I'm not a Linux user, but it sounds like a good deal to me. Check it out at

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