Monday, July 24, 2006

Conservation Geoportal

Happy Monday! I had a great weekend. After my marathon trip to San Antonio for the SCAUG board meeting (which was very productive), we went to Shreveport on Saturday afternoon. We spent the day losing money in the casino, shopping and enjoying drinks with friends. I hope yours was as enjoyable.

"The Conservation Geoportal is a collaborative effort by and for the conservation community to facilitate the discovery and publishing of geographic information systems (GIS) data and maps, to support conservation decisionmaking and education. It is primarily a data catalog, intended to provide a comprehensive listing of GIS data sets and map services relevant to biodiversity conservation. The Conservation Geoportal does not actually store maps and data, but rather the descriptions and links to those resources, known as "metadata." It includes the following capabilities: Search for data and maps by keyword, category, geography, or time period; Save your search queries for future use; Use the built-in Map Viewer to display, manipulate, and combine live map services; Create, save, and email custom maps using data from various map services; Publish metadata for your maps and data so others can find them. The Conservation Geoportal is designed to make it quick and easy for conservation practitioners to find, and if possible, preview and download GIS data and maps. Similarly, it is easy for conservation data publishers to post metadata describing the data and maps they want to share, how to access them, and under what terms. This is a free tool for all conservation practitioners and supporters to use and contribute content. We hope that it will minimize the proliferation of geospatial data catalogs and reduce duplication of effort in building and maintaining metadata catalogs and map viewers." Check it out at

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