Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Howdy! Another day in paradise begins. I've got a lunch meeting that is sponsored by our economic development corporation that focuses on economic development in the community. It's called the community roundtable and we go around the room and discuss items that we are working on that effect economic development. Anyway, I can't beleive I only have one meeting. Sweeet!!!

"Geotagthings is a simple way to assign any web resource — anything with a URL - a location in the normal, human physical world. Why would anyone want to assign a geographic location to a web page? The simple reason is that people are already doing various projects that fell within the scope of making web data also geographic data and we felt that there was a need for a low-impact, easy to use tool to help in our own little way. The more involved reason is that the Internet and other networks are very rapidly spilling out into the physical world. Whether you call it pervasive networks, ubiquitous computing or the geospatial web, one can easily anticipate that the networks need geographic semantics. In the physical world, location means more than a uniform resource locators (URLs). In the physical world, the data that is sluicing around also needs to know where it is according to an additional set of geographic information, such as latitude/longitude, or relative location to canonical landmarks, or simply the town or city in which that previously non- geotagged data has relevance. We feel that Geotagthings is an important component of the larger toolkit of collaborative mapping projects. It provides a bottom-up resource for networked public contributions to mapping the web and making web resources "findable" and relevant to activities in the physical world. We also felt the need for an additional, lightweight, open tagging mechanic for adding geographic semantics to things to go along with all of the other wonderful geo and location-based networking services already out there. Geotagthings is just one more arrow in the quiver." Unfortunately, you can only use geotagthings if you use Mac (OS X) - Camino, all versions or Firefox, all versions; On the PC - Firefox, all versions (not extensively tested, though). This knocks me out of the game so I couldn't really get a feel for it. Check it out at

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