Friday, July 07, 2006


Happy Friday! Today is the big day when my girlfriend returns from three months in Mexico. I'm leaving early from work at three to go to Dallas and bring her home. We have a big weekend planned of doing absolutely nothing. It will be good for both of us. On a GIS related note I caught this story from MySpace (beleive it or not). It looks like ESRI has some legal issues going on and has been subpoenaed in a probe of a lobbying firm. Read more at Have a great weekend!!!

"MapGameDay is the place for football fans to create online sharable maps of their favorite college football stadium. Create Maps to your secret tailgate locations, your seats, or the aftergame party." As the creators put it, "MapGameDay has been the combination of several things that we really like- namely not getting lost at College Football Games. A game from last year is a perfect example. The game was in the afternoon, and I was meeting friends from out of town. The equation: Campus they were not familiar with +Poor cell phone reception +Tons of people wearing the same color shirt=2 extra miles of walking on a muggy September day
Determined not to let this happen to anyone again, we started our mission of not letting football fans down, especially when you travel to opponents stadiums. After quickly determining that our spare change would not be enough to build out decent cell towers across the country, and that nasty little incident with Kip's "time travel" machine, we decided why not a map. We hope you enjoy our little creation, and will tell lots of people." Check it out at Today is the Day!

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