Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stick It To Em'

Hola! It's already been a busy one. I've already been out to an elevated water storage tank to help point an antenna at another tank using GPS. Now, I only have three more meetings today. Whew!! Holiday weeks are horrible because everyone tries to cram a week of work into three days. Tomorrow is the big day when my girlfriend returns! Have a great one!

Here is a cool article from Popular Science. "The StarChase system, which the Los Angeles Police Department will test this fall, consists of a laser-guided launcher and a miniaturized GPS tag complete with a radio transmitter and a blob of gummy adhesive. Once stuck to its target, the tag begins transmitting coordinates to a server through an encrypted cellular network. Computers superimpose the GPS data over a map that allows dispatchers to track the vehicle’s every move." What a great idea! No more car chases. Let the guy think he has gotten away and bust him while he is in line at the Taco Bell. Beautiful! Check it out at
. 0 Days!!

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