Tuesday, July 25, 2006

((Echo)) MyPlace

Good evening! I've been trying to get a post out all day! Meetings, meetings and more meetings is the story right now. We have been trying to get the 911 addressing squared away since we took it over a few weeks ago. What fun! Have a good night!

"((Echo))MyPlace™ lets you share and find location-based information about your neighborhood and connect directly with friends and neighbors. You can create your own digital real estate and travel guides, ads, lost and found notes, event flyers, surveying tools and more. You can also add your pictures and link them to your places – and then instantly share them with CarbonCloud. Also, form your own CarbonCloud neighborhood to spread your message. Once your neighborhood is online it connects people who want to get connected, and grows as notes and pictures are shared from one person to another - the more people share, the more your message spreads. Build your network - CarbonCloud neighborhoods complement city WiFi projects – you can even create your own CarbonCloud neighborhoods and establish a local digital community in a meeting room, office site, household or the next door neighbors.
Grow your business - Businesses can communicate directly with customers and provide them with the information they need about the latest events, products and services." Check it out at http://www.echomyplace.com/.


Anonymous said...

Looks interesting. There's also a blog called CarbonCloud that discusses this at http://www.carboncloud.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

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